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cringe attacks

I get cringe attacks on a daily basis...


Plant Neck

bought a small notepad from Muji - trying to draw and doodle everyday



When my mother visited our relatives in Korea I asked her to buy me a book 
written by the Korean poet Yun Dong-Ju (윤동주 1917-1945).
I always loved his poems for their simplicity and honesty. And for the calmness 
they preserved amidst a cruel time under Japanese occupation.
Over the last months I've been constantly reading his famous prologue poem (서시) and I absolutely fell in love with it. 

Since there is no German version of it I started to translate the poem into German
just to see if it could also transfer the similar kind of feeling. 

During the entire process of translating I decided to make a small booklet out of it which I'm still working on. 

I'm still trying to find a suiting visualisation...
(above is an excerpt from the poem book and some sketches and doodles I’ve drawn while translating)



Translation from Korean: “I want to try a hairstyle like this…”



(Testing Kyle's Mega Brush Pack)

Reference picture: source 


Semester Projects + Exhibition

April - July 2016

"Kleine Gedanken" (illustration/comic project) - excerpts

"Sweet Waters" (comic project; work in progress):

(first sketches, notes - sketchbook)

(thumbnail storyboards + colour tests)

"Yellow!" (illustration series; work in progress):

from our art school's exhibition (July):

(daily stories + empty sketchbook for our belovéd visitors. Thanks for the amazing sketches! :D)

(our café ♥︎)

Some other projects...: 

(flea market; art school)

this art piece probably means: "everybody at the end of the semester".


Comic preview

Comic preview
2-panel preview for my comic “sweet waters”