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Semester project (work in progress)


Forgot to draw the second fishing rod...


Monthly Problems

Some drawings from my sketchbook




Kurz - Lang
Lang - Kurz



Film scenes

Drawing some film scenes while watching Star Wars Rogue One again. One day in a future far far away I’m going to add some colours to these sketches…
Done with extra fine gel pen + brush pen


Outdoor Drawing Day

Sitting in a coffee shop with a friend
and drawing busy people 


윤동주 Yun Dong-Ju

이번 학기 프로젝트 - 윤동주 시인의 '서시' (1941)를 독일어로 번역해서 책자로 만듬 
번역: 한국어 - 독일어 (20장)
(라이프치히 책박람회에서 판매 예정)

Semesterprojekt - Das "Prolog-Gedicht" (1941) von Yun Dong-Ju
Übersetzung: Koreanisch - Deutsch mit Illustrationen (20 Seiten)

Semester project - "Prologue" (1941) by Yun Dong-Ju
Translation: Korean - German with Illustrations (20 pages)

I translated the poem "Prologue" (1941) by the Korean poet Yun Dong-Ju who lived in Korea during the time of Japanese occupation, from Korean into German. I have always loved his poems for their simplicity, honesty and calmness. I really don't know if the German version measures up to it but I hope it conveys the similar feelings and emotions expressed in the original Korean text. 
The illustrations as well as the texts are all drawn/written with ink pen and afterwards printed  on paper. 
(You can find some of the copies on the Leipzig bookfair this year; Kunsthochschule Kassel stall)